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Is Fewture making more Dr. Slump figures?

3:00 PM on 02.16.2013
Is Fewture making more Dr. Slump figures? photo

Wonder Festival is usually chock full of surprises, especially at figure makers or brands with smaller booths. One of them was Fewture Models, and in browsing through the coverage from Kaiju Korner, I spotted something a little interesting: more Dr. Slump figures from Fewture.

Yes, there's Arale-chan, who's already been announced and is set to release this month ... but next to her on the left there? That's the other main character from the series, Senbei Norimaki , the inventor who built Arale. He's gotten figure before, but by and large, they've been tiny trading figures. This is the first time I've seen him in this scale, and he looks to-scale with Arale. Could it be a future, currently unannounced release? As a bit of a Dr. Slump fan, I'm sure hoping so!

Is Fewture making more Dr. Slump figures? photo

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