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Iron Man goes Super Alloy, courtesy of Play Imaginative

6:00 PM on 01.21.2013 // Scarecroodle

Will that alloy contain any iron?

Hot on the heels of a Super Alloy New 52 Justice League announcement, we now have word that Play Imaginative will also be producing some Iron Man figures in their Super Alloy line. Expect to see Iron Man mark 42 (the partial gold suit from Iron Man 3), Iron Patriot, and War Machine all based on their Iron Man 3 appearances.

The Super Alloy line is an incredibly intuitive fit for the Iron Man property and I'm really curious as to how these will turn out. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Iron Patriot. All three figures are slated for a June release so we'll likely see photos soon. However, this apparently is just the beginning. Play Imaginative will apparently be doing 1/12- and 1/4-scale figures associated with the film. The three characters mentioned will apparently be available in both at the June release and will apparently be followed by three additional figures (both scales) later in the year. Given the different sizes, I'm seriously wondering what the pricing structure might be for these figures. More importantly, I'm just curious why they aren't moving forward with figures in the 1/6-scale. Is there a possible conflict with the Hot Toys licensing agreement that prohibits it?

[ Play Imaginative press release ]

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