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Iron Man 3 collectibles coming from Hot Toys & Kotobukiya

9:30 PM on 01.01.2013 // Andres Cerrato

I don't think this surprises anyone

Surprise but not really! Iron Man 3 will make a ton of money! Things will be made of it in every possible way! There's going to be action figures, t-shirts, tiny figures, expensive and not as expensive stuff, and statues. There will be stuff made by Hot Toys and Kotobukiya and it will likely look very nice.

In all seriousness, both Hot Toys and Kotobukiya have announced their acquisition of the license for Iron Man 3. Odds are we'll see the same lines of product that we have before. Hot Toys will continue with the 1/6 figures and possibly some Cosbabies while Kotobukiya will bring out some more of the ARTFX line. The only thing I'm worried for is my wallet which has a weakness for most things Iron Man. I'm sure we'll see more license announcements and more of the Mark VIII armor as the May 3rd release date approaches.

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