Injustice Batman and New 52 Wonder Woman in DC Unlimited

Aug 13 // Scarecroodle

Mattel's DC Unlimited wave 2 (2013) will feature an "Injustice" Batman, a "New 52" Wonder Woman, and presumably at least one currently unknown figure.

"Injustice" Batman is presumably based on his appearance in the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. It's a heavily armored costume that looks like it could take a beating or twelve. However, something about the sculpt and paint looks awful. The figure doesn't seem to have much of a neck, for starters, and the rounded features in the outfit aren't terribly appealing. I imagine that the look will probably go over better with others and I might soften on it myself after playing the game.

The "New 52" Wonder Woman is a bit more conventional and greatly resembles the first Wonder Woman seen in the DC Universe Classics line. However, this version uses a torso joint instead of an ab crunch and waist joint (which seems to be quickly becoming a new standard on female figures in the line) besides having a sculpted costume with armor-like engravings and a new headsculpt. Sure, it looks pretty good, but the design isn't a must-own for me given that I own the previous Wonder Woman and don't really care about the "New 52" continuity.

Both figures are currently available for pre-order (if you care more than I). While I'm curious as to what else might appear in the wave I'm guessing it will likely be more Injustice-themed figures. I do wonder how (or if) they'll handle Solomon Grundy, given that he's a larger character.

[ Pre-order "Injustice" Batman | "New 52" Wonder Woman | both from Big Bad Toy Store ]

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