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IGear shows off new Mini Warriors in color and then some

1:00 PM on 11.20.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

First colored images of Cogz and Duneraker plus prototypes of Bushwhacker and our first look at Veer

The third party group IGear has updated today with a bunch of new images of four upcoming unofficial Transformers from their Mini Warriors line based on the '80s Mini Vehicles assortment. Here we get our first colored look at Cogz and Duneraker along with a look at the unpainted Bushwhacker prototype and the first reveal of Veer!

MW-05 Cogz is based on the official Transformer named Gears, a constant complainer that hated being stranded on Earth in the original cartoon. The figure has a great feature that allows you to spin his face to let you choose between either a cartoon accurate face or a face based on the original figure. HW-06 Duneraker is based on Beachcomber, the laid back pacifistic geologist of the Autobots. Despite his peaceful nature the post-'80s figures bearing the name Beachcomber often come with some pretty big guns, perhaps as a joke? He doesn't seem to have the face swapping ability which is too bad, I've always liked his figure face.

MW-08 Bushwhacker is based on the character Outback, and where the original Outback is based on the Brawn figure, this figure is based on the Mini-Warriors version, Hench. This version has been modified with a new head that also has the face swapping ability for both cartoon and toy accurate versions, as well as a new gun. We're also being treated to our first look at MW-07 Veer, based on the easily distracted chatterbox Swerve. Veer will be based on Cogz, but will have a much more detailed head sculpt with swaping feature, though an otherwise similar bot and vehicle mode.

These four new figures will be joining the previous Mini Warriors of Spray (Seaspray), Rager (Huffer), Hench (Brawn), and UFO (Cosmos). So what do you think? Interested in adding these little guys to your army?

(via IGear on Facebook, TFormers)

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