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iGear hits and misses with two new 'almost-Transformers'

12:00 PM on 10.21.2010 // Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed

I'll skip my usual diatribe about the dodgy nature of the distinction between "third party toys" and "knock offs" and just point at the topmost figure in the above header and declare "what the sweet Jiminy Christmas is that thing?"

"That thing," as it were, is MGT-02, iGear's follow up to their Delicate Warrior which was "Arcee but not Arcee." This apparently is "Firestar but not Firestar." First of all, why would you pick such an obscure character to remake; secondly, bwhuh? Have you seen that face? That's a face only a demented plastic molder could love. And even that might be stretching it.

On to better territory, we also have pictures of iGear attempt to salvage what was left of the plans to produce an Alternators Bumblebee which would have been an actual Volkswagon Beetle. Infamously, Volskwagon is said to have denied Hasbro the license to make Volkswagon vehicles based on the notion that Transformers are toys which promote war. I'll give you a moment to Google the history of Volkswagon and have a good chuckle first. So far the toy looks good, and the transformation solid.

I guess what with the bypassing of legal constraints, maybe there is a place for kno- I mean, "third party toys," after all? 

[Via TFW2005 and the same]

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Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed,
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