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Ice sculptures at Winterlude 2013

8:00 AM on 02.20.2013 // Jon Wills

The Alien ice sculpture caught my eye

Winterlude is a very popular annual festival held in Ottawa and Gatineau, Canada.  It just celebrated its 35th convention and drew more than 600,000 guests this year. There were all kinds of activities for participants to enjoy, but one of the cooler activities for fans of figurines would be the ice sculpting competition.

A total of 26 sculptures came from 11 countries to be hosted at the competition held in Confederation Park in Ottawa. It's impressive to see the range of subject matter that sculptures worked on. There were sculptures of science fiction classics such as the Alien Queen, to ones of fish and flowers and giant hands.

There is a lot worth seeing and while I have a feeling these galleries barely scratch the tip of the iceberg if you will. Still, be sure to head over and check them out. 

[via Josée the first's Tumblr; also photos from Ottawa Photo Challenge blog]

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