Ian Ziobrowski, Sekure D tackle the world of Mario

9:00 PM on 11.12.2012

Brian Szabelski


New Dunny, Munny customs feature Mario, Luigi and the best, Wario

Ian Ziobrowski and Sekure D have put together a series of blind-box Munnys and Dunnys featuring the most famous of the Mario brothers: Mario, Luigi and Wario. Sadly, Waluigi gets no love this time. According to Sekure D, he's used his "Codename: Unkown" style on the Munnys, each featuring one of the three characters and reminding me a bit of the Ultimate Warrior with their faces. 

Meanwhile, Ian tackled the Dunnys and has apparently given them a partial Nugglife makeover. Yes, Mario's got himself a special mushroom, Luigi's lighting up and Wario is making a fortune off of it all. I love the Wario, though; just the expression Ian's got on his face is so predictably Wario.

All of these guys will be in Ian's shop, located on his website, starting Wednesday, Nov. 14, at noon Eastern (9 a.m. Pacific, 5 p.m GMT) for US$100 each. It's the first — but not the last — collaboration between the two artists, so we'll have to see what they've got up their sleeves next!

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