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I really hope you didn't order figma Link domestically

5:40 PM on 12.04.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Diamond not able to distribute to U.S. stores

When figma Link was announced, many of you were joyous. With the release now past us, those who had made their pre-orders through U.S. stores, such as Big Bad Toy Store, were still waiting for their orders to go through. Unfortunately, you are out of luck as Diamond Comics was unable to get the license necessary to sell Link to U.S. retailers. 

In an e-mail that was sent out to purchasers, BBTS noted that Diamond had solicited the item to them for sale back in September, but that the deal was not finalized between Diamond and the license holders. Due to the inability of the two sides to come to a deal, no figma Link is to be distributed in North America.

If you were affected by this, my heart goes out to you. For Diamond to botch this given how so many had wanted this figure is utterly disgusting. Don't get people to buy things when the deal isn't in place. Don't fret though, as of right this moment, you can still order figma Link from AmiAmi for ¥3,600 (about US$44) plus shipping. I would act now if you want this, as Max Factory is sold out of its run of Link and I don't want to think what people on eBay will scalp this for. 

You could also buy it from J-List and ToysLogic.
[update 2: found listings on Anime Island - Kristina]

[News via Poe Ghostal]

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