Hot Toys presents its new Hall of Armor for your Iron Men

Dec 29 // Andres Cerrato    @VistFoundation

Has a price only Mr. Dink could love

You've paid a lot of money for your Hot Toys Iron Man collection. Every armor, Mark I through VII, is out and fully posed. However, you've gotten tired of seeing them out taking advantage of all those points of articulation so it becomes time to put them into a box. It's okay, though because they're boxes like Tony Stark's. Just like him, you'll have spent a lot of money to put armors in a light up box.

All jokes aside, Hot Toys is allowing you to have your own Hall of Armor. Each box allows you to house your armor under an assortment of LED light and you can connect them to form a full Hall of Armor, as featured in Stark's garage. Each hall also comes with a sticker (yes, a sticker) which you can place on the outside glass to replicate a schematic of the armor. It's a nice little package until you factor in the price.

How much does all of this cost? Each hall will cost you $129.99. That's right, $129.99 for a single box. If you decide to buy the 4-pack, that will run you $469.99. Mind you, if you actually have each armor, this is going to cost nearly a grand to display. I'm sorry, that is just ridiculous for what you're getting. I just can't fathom spending $1000 on a display set unless it was an actual piece of furniture. If you are feeling rich enough for this though, I suggest donating a tidy sum to charity, then you can go ahead and purchase this with a clear conscience. The Iron Man Hall of Armor will become available in April.

[Pre-Order Hot Toys Hall of Armor at Sideshow Collectibles: Single | 4-pack]

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