Hot Toys presents its 1/6 scale Spider-Man 3 limited edition figure

11:30 PM on 12.06.2010

Hot Toys has just released a first look at their new 1/6 scale Spider-Man 3 limited edition action figure. This guy is fully detailed and movie accurate with a fabric suit featuring the same red/blue/silver color scheme from the movie. Spidey stands at 30 centimeters tall, and has a total of 30 points of articulation.

Spider-Man comes with one pair of relaxed palms, one pair of fists, one pair of palms for shooting cobwebs, one pair of palms for holding cobwebs, and one pair of palms for climbing. He also comes with two strips of cobweb for "flying," two strips of cobweb for shooting and one opening cobweb. Additionally, Spider-Man comes with a stage imitating the clock tower from the movie as well as a figurine stand with Spider-Man nameplate and movie logo.

No price is currently listed, but Spidey is expected out in the second or third quarter of 2011. The pictures of this Spider-Man figure are from a prototype and Hot Toys has noted that the final product may differ slightly. I think this Spider-Man is pretty impressive looking for the most part, especially considering that his suit isn't molded plastic or anything. Are any of you fans planning on picking him up? Check out the gallery to get a first look at Spider-Man and decide for yourself!

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