Hot Toys featured in stop action video 'Black Widow Gone Wild' - tomopop

Hot Toys featured in stop action video 'Black Widow Gone Wild'

11:00 AM on 02.21.2011

You may recall the work of Patrick Boivin from previous videos we've brought you, such as AT-AT Day Afternoon and Dance Off To the Death. The newest in his genius line of toy videos features the Black Widow figure of actress Scarlett Johansson from Iron Man 2, and puts her up against several of their other excellent figures, including Whiplash, T-1000, Michael Jackson, Superman, Batman, Predator and Spider-Man.

I love that he used Hot Toys figures for this video, as they look so lifelike to begin with that they really add to the feel of the video. Bolvin is very talented though, no doubt about it (and also self-taught, which is worth a mention). Hit the jump to check out Black Widow Gone Wild!

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Colette Bennett

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