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Hobby scans have the old as new for Gundam

11:00 AM on 02.24.2013 // Andres Cerrato

And we'll buy them all, regardless

It seems like the old adage comes true, what was once old is new again. With the spring serving as an in-between time, there isn't that much in the way of new announcements. No crazy, out of nowhere Master Grades or HGUCs, just one very pleasant surprise in the way of the RX-78GP01 Zephyranthes being the next Real Grade 1/144 kit. With Destiny being the next RG being released, most thought the non-UC trend would continue. The GP-01 will break that trend with a release this July for 2,500¥. 

Robot Damashii will also look to the past with their release of Gundam Heavyarms Kai this June. As to what makes it Kai, it is given an extra barrel for the gatling gun along with additional thrusters on the backpack. All of this will cost you 4,200¥. Did you want the original look, with just one barrel and a normal backpack? Well, too bad as that will be an add-on pack for the Bandai Premium Shop. It will be packed along with parts to take the Sandrock Kai back to normal and this will run you at least 2,310¥ when it's released in July.

There's some more things on the Premium Web Shop to get fussed over along with things to actually be excited over. Hit the jump for more items of interest from this month's scans!

As I mentioned, there are a couple of more web-only items that may make you a tad upset. The upcoming Real Grade Destiny Gundam will not come packed with the Wings of Light, an oversight I was miffed at. Making matters somewhat better and worse is that now those parts will only be available through Bandai Hobby Site. No release information has been given yet, but I can only imagine what the premium will be. Also coming to the web shop is the Robot Damashii x Ver. Ka Signature Gundam MkV. Again, no release data, but there are enough people who have been waiting for this and will go through any length to get it. In something that actually does have release info, a special version of Johnny Ridden's Zaku II will get a Master Grade based on the original Okawara detailing this May for 3,675¥.

For myself, I'm most excited about what's coming to SD. The BB Senshi Sazabi that has been leaked is now official and will be coming in May for 1,000¥. The fact they actually included gimmicks for the funnels and actual clear plastic for the beam tomahawk make me excited. Also, with the inclusion of SEED into the line, we get to see the Strike's various forms and the still strangely-titled Ryofu Tallgeese. The only reason I say it's strange is due to the fact it now resembles the Providence Gundam far more than Tallgeese. All I know is that I want a kit of all of these now.

Lastly in this month's scan are a pair of kits from Gundam SEED. The Aile Strike Gundam will be getting its 2.0 in the form of the Master Grade "HD version." The kit has definitely changed from the original release back in 2005, with the shoulder armor being the most visual difference. With the improvements that have been made, maybe it will be worth spending the 4,200¥ when it's released this May. Joining it that month will be the HG 1/144 Astray Blue Frame Second L. Being that the MG was not the form that many were used to, the HG favors those who fell in love with the first version. It will be made available in May for 1,700¥.

[Images via Cyber Gundam]

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