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Hobby scans bring you this month in new Gundam

10:00 AM on 01.23.2013 // Andres Cerrato

What's the going rate for a soul nowadays?

Another month, another new round of hobby scans to make you cry for spending the money that you don't have. Gundam fans will be feeling the pinch especially through this round of scans as all lines are seeing action. 

In the realm of Gunpla, Unicorn will once again dominate the spring as Episode 6 is being released. The Master Grade edition of the Jesta will be seeing its release in April for 4,000¥. In a bit of unexpected releases, the MG of the Sinanju will see a new version based on the anime. What's stranger is that it's coming really soon in March for a price of 7,500¥. As to what will be new on it, my guess is that it will come with the extra bazooka parts that have been featured as extras in the past. For those of you who missed out on the original (my first review on Tomo was of this kit), I would suggest grabbing this.

In additional Unicorn news, the Banshee Unicorn will have a glut of new releases. As was done with the Unicorn and Sinanju, the Banshee will be getting a head stand for its HGUC 1/144 kits. These will be packaged along with the upcoming May issue (released on March 25th) of Hobby Japan. For that head stand, you will need the new HGUC Unicorn Banshee 02 Norn, which will be released in March for 1,700¥. Lastly for Unicorn, the recently released HGUC Rozen Zulu will be getting a clear armor version for 2,900¥. No information yet as to when it will release.

There's other news to report on as well, including more from Robot Damashii, the MG Tallgeese II, and the new faces of the SD Gundam BB Senshi lineup. Check out this news as well as the gallery after the jump.

The major shakeup to the SD Gundam BB Senshi lineup is that it is for the first time including mobile suits from Gundam SEED. In addition, they are replacing characters already represented by previous Gundams. The Ryuubi Gundam will now be modeled after the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam. In this month's scans, we are treated to see two new characters making their first appearance, the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam along with the MBF-02 Astray Gold Frame. It's not stated which characters they are taking over for or if they're new characters, but I must say it's a nice change of pace. I can't wait to see how they'll musha the other SEED units, especially ones like Providence, Freedom, GINNs and BuCues.

In other Gunpla news, the Tallgeese II will be getting its own Master Grade release. As you might expect given current trends, this is headed to the Bandai Premium Shop. Orders will become available on January 25th with a price tag of 3,990¥. Fans of 08th MS Team will be happy to know that the EZ-8 will finally be getting its HGUC release this April for 1,600¥. Also releasing that month will be the Real Grade release of the Destiny Gundam for 2,625¥. Sadly, it doesn't look like it will come with the effect pieces for the wings as the HG 1/144 and MG 1/100 Extreme Burst versions had. It kinda kills the kit for me, but it should be a great plamo regardless. 

Lastly, in Robot Damashii news, more Unicorn will be the trend. The Full Armor Unicorn Gundam in its Unicorn Mode will be given a release this May for the price of 5,500¥. If you like lots of weapons, this will be the perfect figure for you. In addition, the Banshee Norn will also be getting its own RD this May for 3,990¥. As the Banshee wasn't previously released in its Unicorn mode, the payoff will be this figure. 

Oh and yeah, who wants those new G Gundam units made into plamo immediately?

[Images via CyberGundam]

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