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HLJ's Black Friday Sale is going on right now

12:30 AM on 11.23.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Now with items of interest!

We all like a good deal. Instead of trampling high school kids for a new TV like I just had to do, you can shop from the convenience of home and buy things of Japanese origin. HobbyLink Japan has its own Black Friday sale which you can take advantage of right this moment!

Among my picks from the lot are Gift's Saber Extra (reviewed) along with Kotobukiya's Fine Art Statues of Cable, Winter Soldier, Nova, and Captain America for 5,000 yen each. DPCF DX Crocodile and an assortment of S.H. Monster Arts for 3,000 yen each. Chogokin Aegis for 2,000 yen. D-Arts Persona 4 and multiple S.H. Figuarts and Robot Damashii for 1,500 yen. There's many more items also on sale for 1,000 and 500 yen as well.

There's plenty to save on, so why not get some gifts for yourself. You could be nice get something for someone else, but I don't think that is what Black Friday is all about.

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