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His name is Castiel and he is a Pop! of the Funko

5:00 PM on 10.25.2013 // Scarecroodle

Probably could have referenced that better

[UPDATE: Funko has revealed that Castiel will be a Hot Topic exclusive]

When Funko recently announced that it would be making Pop! versions of Sam and Dean (from the hit CW show Supernatural), one question was on at least a few peoples' minds: where is Castiel? While Castiel has yet to be officially announced by Funko, one of our readers was quick to point out that has opened pre-orders for a Pop! Castiel and the listing even has a photo. [Bear in mind that he's since been announced as an exclusive]

Although Funko hasn't confirmed that it will be producing a Pop! Castiel figure, the fact that Castiel is one of the show's most popular characters (or most popular, depending on the portion of the fan-base) seems to almost guarantee that he'll appear in the line at some point.

Castiel was introduced during the season 4 premiere ("Lazarus Rising") and quickly became a major recurring character thereafter. Although he was the show's first angel, Castiel's odd behavior would prove to be atypical even among the other angels with many (if not most) seeming to have a greater worldliness about them (and, in quite a few cases, also a sense of humor). These occasionally strange mannerisms may have helped the character appeal to fans (although, I personally found most of them annoying) and might have ultimately secured him a larger role on the show.

If Funko is producing a Pop! Castiel, I can't imagine how many con exclusives that might follow given the character's apparently immense popularity. For starters, one of the other editors predicted that Funko may do a bloody suit variant.

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