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Hide your cookies like a detective with this Batmobile

10:00 AM on 08.22.2012 // Scarecroodle

A serious problem plagues this great nation. I am, of course, referring to cookie hiding spots. Luckily, Westland Giftware has a solution for you: an innocent-looking decoration that nobody will ever suspect.

The Batmobile Cookie Jar is by far the stupidest and most clever thing that I've seen all day. Surprisingly enough, this isn't even the first Batmobile cookie jar ever made. I'm honestly overwhelmed by the number of times that somebody not only had the idea to do a Batmobile cookie jar but actually thought, "great idea!" and got people to sign off on it. Yes, it's a perfect hiding spot for cookies because nobody would suspect it but, I mean, how many cookies could it even store? And are we talking Mini Chips Ahoy, Oreos, what?

The stylized cookie jar is really something of a throwback to an earlier time before people realized ziplock containers keep cookies fresher. Nonetheless, it's a very neat item and should make a cool display piece, cookies or not. The only currently listed dimension is the 3.25-inch height so the storage capacity is really anybody's guess. This ceramic cookie jar will run you around US$45 (my advice? Buy expensive cookies to store in it) and has a November release date.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth ]

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