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Heroclix going digital with Heroclix TabApp

1:00 PM on 10.01.2012 // Scarecroodle

Can we call them Digiclix?

WizKids is adding a digitally interactive element to their Heroclix line, no doubt trying to bridge a perceived age gap. The Heroclix TabApp seems to takes aspects of the traditional Heroclix game and place it in a digital format. The game figurines themselves, which sport a distinctively cartoony style that sets it apart from previous efforts, will be usable with both this new game and in the traditional board game.

The Heroclix TabApp is currently only available for the Marvel brand and can interact with two 3-packs (sold separately & available now). The first is an Avengers-themed "Marvel Superheroes pack" (pictured) which includes Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. The other entitled, "Wolverine and the X-Men", features Wolverine, Cyclops, and Ice Man. Both seem to carry a US$15 MSRP and are currently available through Toys "R" Us.

Having never owned an iPad (or an iPhone, for that matter!), I can't really discuss what the game is like although initial reports seem to imply that it uses a different set of rules. I am, however, intrigued by the possibilities. This move to a digital format could be a precursor to a similar console/handheld release in the future. I would imagine that WizKids' decision was driven by the success of similar figure and video game pairings, such as the Skylanders line (reported to have sold over 30 million figures as of March 2012). Bringing Heroclix into video games is certainly one way to make the franchise more mainstream, although I can't say that I care for the designs of these new figures. At US$15 for a 3-pack, they're also pricier than their traditional board game counterparts although the price is likely reasonable for the digital format.

The Heroclix TabApp is currently available for download and the figures should have begun hitting retail within the last week or so, in addition to being listed on Toys "R" Us's website.

[ Order at Toys "R" Us ]

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