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Here's what Jazware's Street Fighter line will look like at stores

5:00 PM on 08.24.2011 // Andres Cerrato

Jazwares is taking on the gaming industry in their lines of new 3.75" action figures. They first released a series of figures from the Mortal Kombat franchise but have now turned their attention to the true fighting game, Street Fighter. Images were leaked out today of what the initial run will look like, and I think I'll let you guys get the final word on these.

The figures themselves will be in two lines, classic Street Fighter and Street Fighter IV. They will be released in 2-packs, with Ryu vs. Sagat and Ken vs. Blanka for the classic line. The SFIV line will have El Fuerte vs. Seth and Guile vs. Abel for their 2-packs. Being completely honest, these look pretty derpy to me. The faces seem off on a lot of these, especially Ken and Blanka. I can only imagine what reaction images will come out of those. The other complaint I have is that the joints aren't skin-tone, but instead a really off-putting white. I do have to hand them a small bit of credit on Guile as he packs in a comb accessory.

I'm hoping that these will turn out a bit better than they're looking currently, because I would love to put these against Hasbro's Marvel Universe figures. I would love to see some of the female fighters represented as well; hopefully we'll get those with the second wave. I'm hoping that the QC will get better as I will never want to be reminded again of those Hasbro Street Fighter figures.

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