Here is a Cavey craft for a chilly day

Make your beloved plush an adorable knitted hat!

3:00 PM on 01.14.2013

If you are anything like me, at this point in time, you are bundled up from head to toe and sitting next to the heating vent. But, I can't help casting a glance over to my precious plushes and wondering if they are feeling the frosty temperature, too. Poor little guys!

Holly Stanway, also known as a little stranger, has thankfully created to a pattern for tiny winter hats for her Cavey plushes. It is available for free here. It looks easy enough and should be a great stash-buster! Every Cavey owner should really look into making one. And, hey, once you are finished why not post pictures of the finished product to the Cavey Flickr group or Facebook page

[header image via Hey Cavey blog]

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Natalie Kipper

Associate Editor/Plush Guru