Henge returns with another work of beauty!

9:00 AM on 12.01.2011

Chris Seto

Associate Editor

Who says figures can't be art? (or was that video games?)

Some of our more seasoned readers may remember a sculpture maker by the name of HENGE. The company made a bit of a splash with their first release which was posted on these very pages back in December 2009! Since then, they have release several other works which all continue the theme of transforming between two distinct forms. Their Dragon to Flower series is something to behold!

And now, they have released a new work which they call the fast mercy series, with works called h040101 and h040102. According to the artist, the main inspiration for this work was the idea of a "highly agile Bodhisattva" helping people who have hit hard by events like the Tsunami back in March. The design definitely gives off the feel of a guardian and the transformation, while relatively simple, works well to disguise its previous form. I'm not going to pretend that I "get" art, but I do know that I dig these creations!!!

Those of you who are interested in acquiring one will have to dig a little deep though. You can order one directly through their website for a princely sum of ¥30,000. Still, if you do get one, it would make one heck of a talking point when you have guests over! Still, if I had enough funds floating around, I'd totally get their h010103.


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