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Henge breaks the biggest barrier to owning his works

7:00 PM on 11.08.2012 // Chris Seto

New startup shop offers Henge works at less scary prices!

Our more seasoned readers may remember some of the works of Henge which we have covered a few times in the past. His works are always stunning but one thing which made potential buyers a little shy would be the rather high pricetag attached to each work.

Well, it looks like he's managed to get around that issue by joining shapeways, a website which helps 3D artists create works and ships them worldwide! Now, the works of Henge can cost as low as €52 (+p&p). Quite a drop from the original ¥25,000 pricetag!

There are some caveats though. Firstly, this will be an assembly kit which will also require painting to look like the original. On the plus side, no glue is required for assembly and you can order the work with various details, but the price quickly ramps up.

But this still represents the best chance to get one of his works at a non-eyewatering price! At the moment, only the H04 Fast mercy work is available on the site but here's hoping that others will be added at a later date!

[via Henge Shapeways page]

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