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Help Luno the Moon Rover come to life

3:00 PM on 03.24.2011 // Colette Bennett

We've long admired the work of toy artist Sergey Safonov around the Tomopop kingdom, hence our support of his Godot, Moon Fox and Cat figures from the past. Clean design and great concepts make for some very desirable figures, which this artist is obviously well aware of!

We got word that Sergey is currently campaigning to have his newest prototype, Luno the Moon Rover, brought to life. According to Supahcute, there are two versions of Luno, a five inch wide one with spinning wheels and a mini version that is three inches. These will be rotocased resin, so Luno will be a bit heavier than your other toys. He'd make a hell of a cute paperweight.

The project to get him made is currently running on Kickstarter, and if they get the funding to make it happen, Crazy Label will be producing and shipping these little dudes. If you dig the design, head over there and show your support!

Colette Bennett,
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