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Have an eyeful of this Yaguu Gisen preview

11:00 PM on 06.12.2012 // Chang Su

I've always liked character designs of Hyakka Ryouran for their ability to please the crowd and look darn stylish and the same time, so naturally I was happy to see the preview of Yagyuu Gisen appear on Alter's blog.

Like Kanetsugu, Gisen's outfit is decidedly less eccentric her some of the other more pantsless characters of the series, but the subtle approach taken in her character design really shines in this figure. I think the rope motif incorporated into the bow of her sailor uniform is a brilliant touch, and the print patterns visible on her sword and socks really give her a classy look. Of course, it wouldn't be Hyakka Ryouran without the obligatory tickling of fetishes, and between her eyepatch, heterochromia and those lovely butt-framing socks, Gisen's got you covered. My favorite has to be that studded choker around her neck, complete with a miniature lock in the middle  -- kinky, just the way I like it.

With Gisen going up for pre-orders tomorrow now,  all that remains of the female cast is Nia, the French dual-wielding claymore user who's yet to receive attention from any of the figure makers. Being the lone foreigner of the cast, she doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the girls, but Alter is known to have a history of being stubbornly completionist. Do you think a Nia figure is ever going to happen?

[Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan]

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