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Hasbro teases possible new Optimus Prime figure design

1:00 PM on 01.14.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Could this be the next Optimus design for Transformers: Generations?

Let the speculation begin! Ozformers has posted an image of what is very likely the art for the next Optimus Prime figure! The image was found on the cover of Toy Hobby Retailer magazine (yeah, that's apparently a real thing) in a picture commemorating Hasbro's 90th anniversary. It's hard to say off a single image just exactly what we're looking at, but more than likely it's a design for a future figure in the Generations line.

The design has some really interesting features. The head is very G1 in its simplicity, not overly detailed like in most modern designs. The chest is split between the windows with an Autobot symbol in the middle similar to the movie designs. Seems like a solid design so far, though the use of armor plates might indicate some heavy kibble on the actual figure. The biggest question mark goes to the big gun he's holding. Windows? On a gun? There's been a  ton of speculation including Mini-Con partners, drone vehicles that turn into guns, or Hasbro's take on Takara Tomy's Arms Microns series of mini model kits. I'm leaning a little towards the Arms Microns theory, the art does look like it could be a model kit and there were some rumblings late last year about Hasbro taking the concept out of Japan. It would certainly be better than some of the overly gimmicky weapons we've seen in the Dark of the Moon and Prime lines.

The current run of Generations figures are based on the Fall of Cybertron game, but a game from mid-2012 can only carry a toy line for so long. I'm sure we can expect many characters from G1 and beyond in future releases throughout the year and well into next year when G1 will celebrate its 30th anniversary!

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