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Hasbro previews TF Construct-Bots before UK Toy Fair

1:00 PM on 01.22.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Newest toy line focuses on part-swapping to build your own figures.

First Hasbro decided to take LEGO head on by creating their own building block system complete with mini-figures. Now Hasbro has revealed their next step in edging into LEGO's market by making a new Transformers line that looks an awful lot like Bionicles/Hero Factory called Construct-Bots. Hasbro sent the scoop over to giving us our first look and info on the line. 

The line will consist of 4 scales with Hasbro previewing two characters for each. The Scout scale will be US$9.99 each with 10 figures planned such as Starscream and Ironhide. The Elite scale will be US$14.99 each also with 10 figures planned including Wheeljack and Soundwave. A Triple Changer scale is being made for US$29.99 each, so far only consisting of Bumblebee and Blitzwing and will be able to take on both air and land modes. Finally, the Ultimate Scale has been designated to Optimus Prime and Megatron for US$34.99 each. They should start showing up way off in August.

I have some mixed feelings about this line. I think it's really cool for them to finally give fans a way to create their own figures and I hope Hasbro gives some examples for inspiration. Also nice to see these are G1 style. On the other hand they're very fragile looking with thin limbs and lots of extra kibble hanging off of them. Don't know yet if they can actually Transform in some manner (sure looks like they can to a point) or if they have to be broken down and reassembled like with Kre-Os

So what do we think, is this a big hit or a big miss for Hasbro? Head over to for the full gallery. More info should be available within the next couple days. 

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