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Gundams and Dunny combine for a combo of...meh?

8:00 PM on 12.03.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Josh Mayhem's custom Pink Gunny is

Sometimes custom works can be truly inspirational. There are pieces out there that make my jaw drop and make me question my skills and ability. Far be it from me to critique someone's artistic vision, but I'm honestly not too thrilled with this latest piece of work by Josh Mayhem. In what details as the Pink Gunny, you get exactly what the title says: a Dunny with Gundam parts attached and painted pink.

There just isn't much to write home about here. This is just parts placed haphazardly about to make a semblance of an armor. There's the torso and shoulders of the Sandrock, the wing binders from Wing Zero, and various parts taken from the Susanowo. And yes, they're painted all pink. It's a shame because there's better things that he's done, but this just feels really lazy. If I wanted to slap parts around, re-color them and sell them like they were something new, I'd make a series called Gundam SEED Vs. Astray.

[Images via Tenacious Toys]

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