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Good Smile Company: Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red  

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GSC is coming out with Nendoroid Red from Pokemon Origins

10:15 PM on 05.09.2014
PokemonGSC is coming out with Nendoroid Red from Pokemon Origins photo

Who would have known that we would get a huge Nendoroid reveal at a Bandai event? Well, that's just what happened! Among all the new figures from Tamashii Nations' lines was a poster showing Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Red from the anime, Pokemon Origins.

He is ready and determined to be the cutest little trainer out there. He has on his red hat, red shirt, and jeans. He's even got a backpack, and of course has a tiny poke ball. I hope he's going to come with some Pokemon as well. I think Bandai was just shown up at their own event. 

[via The Ramses Project]

GSC is coming out with Nendoroid Red from Pokemon Origins photo

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Good Smile Company: Nendoroid Pokemon Trainer Red

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