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Griffon brings Touhou Project's Hong Meiling and Yuka Kazami to shoot for your wallet

8:00 PM on 10.25.2010 // Jonathan Tubbs

Griffon Enterprises continues to churn out new 1/8 scale figures from Touhou Project and... and... oh my. Why hello there. And who might you be you be? Yuka Kazami? That's a cute umbrella you have there and your dress is lovely. I also like what you did with your hair. Has anyone told you that you have a sweet smile?

Oh, how I wish I had gobs of money. I'm completely smitten with Yuka. This is another one of those figures where I know that it'll bring a smile to my face when looking at it. Such a friendly aura radiating from it. Then you have the other release, Hong Meiling. What happened. You try to seduce people with your midriff showing and baring as much leg as possible. But your face. What happened? It looks like you were in an old Tom & Jerry cartoon and had you face smashed in by a frying pan. But looking at sculptor Akio Akiyama's past works such as Remilia Scarlet and Houraisan Kaguya, that just seems to be their style.

Both figures are available for pre-order at AmiAmi. Yuka Kazami is selling for 7,000 yen and Hong Meiling is set at 6,250 yen. Both will be available in late January. Maybe if I save up, I can purchase Yuka. Either one catch your fancy?

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Jonathan Tubbs,
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