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Good Smile Company Blogger Invitational: Lucky Star x Street Fighter Nendoroid Petit

1:30 PM on 05.19.2010 // Jonathan Tubbs

You definitely were excited when Good Smile Company whipped out their ultra combo of Lucky Star meets Street Fighter. In case you missed it, the company will be releasing a set of Nendoroid Petit figures feature Konata as Guile, Kagami as Ryu, Tsukasa as Ken and Miyuki as C. Viper. Each character is poised to attack with one of the trademark Street Fighter special moves. 

Owning a set of Nendoroid Petit figures myself, the quality is acceptable for something as tiny as these which you will see in the gallery. It may be a little rough in some areas but these are little figures so it's understandable.  Nevertheless, they are still at a level higher than some other manufacturers. If it's one thing Good Smile Company excels on, it's getting some detailed eyes painted on their figures. Of the bunch, Miyuki is looking the best due to the character she is portraying. She's got some curves going for her for a Nendoroid Petit and is even showing some belly if you're into that. Plus, glass equates to instant hotness. Or would that be cuteness in this case?

The set is available for preorder from shops such as AmiAmiHobby Link Japan, and Hobby Search. The box of the 4 cosplaying girls retails for 2,667 yen and will be available in late August. Now can we get a follow up set to this? Dan needs to be represented! ...and I wouldn't mind Sakura.

[Photos courtesy of Tokyo Hunter]

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