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Good Smile collabs with Medicom Toy to bring RAH Madoka

8:30 AM on 05.18.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Throw that figma Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica away! That's yesterday's news, kids! No, no. You don't want that anymore. You'll want to replace that with the new Real Action Heroes (RAH) Madoka Kaname that was revealed today on Mikatan's Blog. Good Smile Company and Medicom Toy, the company that has brought large scaled poseable action figures from many popular titles, as the first in a team up between these companies and one more.

Together with Max Factory, this collaboration effort has been dubbed "MGM". ...somewhere I hear a lion roaring followed by a lawyer with a lawsuit. What makes this version special and is common of the RAH series is that the figure uses real cloth for the outfit. Mikatan put it best by stating it's an in between for a figure and a doll. Not all is cloth, however, as parts like the bows and gloves are still made from PVC. Madoka features an assortment of joints to allow her various kinds of poses as well as various facial expressions and hands that can be interchanged. I believe this is a first for the RAH series as Max Factory lead the charge for the various faces.

RAH Madoka is quite large, standing at 300mm (11.8 in) tall, nearly double the height of the 1/8-scale figure of her. It's really cute to see her posing with the figma version of herself. I can see the joints as being a major turn off for many but it's not often you can get something like this at this size. Look for this figure to be coming out from Medicom Toy but also expect a hefty price tag, commonly around ¥17,000 or above. What do you think folks? Interested or are the joints too much for you?

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