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Go undercover with Ano Natsu's Remon

12:00 PM on 02.12.2013

Emily Smalara

Associate Editor

FREEing - 1/8 Scale

It looks like Ano Natsu's devious little loli Remon Yamano is going PVC courtesy of FREEing, set to arrive this June. Despite the constant stream of Ichika figures, it seems like we're finally beginning to round out the rest of the cast, which is always nice! Even though I can hardly afford to be a series completionist, it's always disappointing when you're left hanging, waiting for other cast members to show up. Dog Days.

Digression aside, Remon is one of my more enjoyed characters from Ano Natsu, and FREEing looks to have done a good job capturing her mischievous side with camera in hand for recording her little plots. I like the coloring as well, particularly the softer tone used in her hair. Get ready to drop the ¥8,381 on her so you won't be kept waiting in the summer for long!

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