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Go down the rabbit hole with these Matrix customs

10:00 AM on 01.07.2013 // Pedro Cortes

Kinda makes me want a Lego Matrix game.

Even though the Matrix trilogy ended with a whimper instead of a bang, I've still got a place in my heart for aspects of the franchise. The main characters were great in the first flick and some of the designs in the second and third movies looked neat. And hey, I always enjoy watching Hugo Weaving chew up a scene.

Apparently, ikar11 feels the same way. This fine artist made a set of custom Matrix vinyls using several Munnys, a Trikky and a Bub. We've got Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Agent Smith, the Twins and the Operator, which is a rotary phone. I particularly dig Smith and Neo. You can check out more pics over at ikar11's Flickr page.

You guys and gals dig any of these customs, or does the stink from the second and third films ruin any sort of appreciation for anything Matrix-related?

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