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Glass Slipper Cinderella shown off in two colorways

10:45 AM on 08.17.2012

Kristina Pino

Managing Editor/Community Manager

I wrote up something quick about the Cinderella figure back when we were covering magazine scans, but Lechery have updated their site with pictures of two versions of this addition to their Fairy Tale series in a collaboration with Kaitendoh. One of the girls is a Gold Crown ver. and the other is Platinum Crown ver. 

Both figures are posed in the same way, but there are plenty of differences between the two. Besides the paint on their garters and different shading on their dresses (the Gold Crown girl's dress is more pink), they've got differently colored hair and crowns, different eyes and expressions. Oh, and the glass slippers are also different colors. 

I'm not really sure how I feel about these figures! They're cute, but I'm not wowed or anything. What about you folks? Both girls are of course cast-off, and they're expected to go up for order sometime either later this month or in September. You can check out some pictures in the gallery.

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Kristina Pino

Managing Editor/Community Manager
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