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Girls, Motorcycles and Assless Chaps? Giggidy, giggidy

9:01 AM on 03.28.2008 // Lauren Wainwright

So I absolutely love Asuka (Evangelion). She is the one character I am dedicated to and will collect over and over again. Much to everyone's surprise, another Asuka figurine was released for us to gander at. This one is different however. Do you like assless chaps? So do I. Look at the gallery quickly before I continue.... shocked? Sure, Asuka has gone through a sexy stage many times before, but this just takes the cake. She has the most badass bike in the world, a weeabo's favorite word (Baka) plastered on the bike and the most outrageous (and I am sure very unsafe) driving outfit I've ever encountered in my life. So amazing.

This is Vispo's 1/6 Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka with Motorcycle Ver. 2. She is available in the obvious red and a rather sharp looking black. Her drink, her bike, her jacket - everything is superbly detailed. Every time I look at the pictures I spot something new and mind blowing on this figurine. The 1st version just doesn't compare in comparison. Made from Poly+Cast resin and available as a pre painted model kit, I would keep an eye on this beauty till its eventual release for August 2008 on HobbyFan. Oh and save your pennies.. you'll need about $274!

[Via Okayama1131 at Yahoo Auctions ]

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Lauren Wainwright,
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