GIANTmicrobes' White Lab Mouse scurries into my heart

This medical hero deserves many a hug

6:00 PM on 12.10.2012

I am a sucker for many things, chief among them are rodents, unsung heroes, and plushes. And, what do you know?, GIANTmicrobes managed to nail all three in their latest release, the White Lab Mouse plush. We have lab mice to thank for many of our medical advancements and I think it's phenomenal that they are being recognized for their sacrifices. The new plush looks realistic yet somewhat more approachable to those who may shy away from the live critters. I think it may be the slightly pudgy tummy or good-size pink eyes but something about this mouse just makes me melt.

This cute-as-can-be plush rodent is now available for purchase from GIANTmicrobes' online store for US$14.95. It is described as a 5 to 7 inch tall plush. Anyone who is a mouse-lover (or as they called me at a Renaissance Fair I once attended, a "rat kisser" -- don't ask) or a fan of medical history should really get a kick out of this sweetie.

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