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Ghostbusters, Marvel neon signs brighten any home

12:00 AM on 10.09.2012 // Scarecroodle

Your level of illumination may vary

A recent study conducted by Tomopop found that up to 80-percent of houses look boring from the street. Diamond Select Toys may help alleviate these issues with their Ghostbusters and Marvel-themed neon signs, perfect for displaying in your windows and distracting drivers with their sheer awesomeness.

These neon signs, all of which seem to be available somewhere, depict the Ghostbusters logo, the Marvel Comics logo, Captain America's Shield, and Iron Man's helmet. And let me just say that there are no wrong choices here... except the Marvel Comics logo. Seriously, why would anybody want that? The other three are really neat, with the Iron Man mask surprisingly looking the best of the group despite lacking the iconic value held by the Ghostbusters logo and Cap's shield.

Have these been out for a while? Possibly. However, there's a Ghostbusters logo so it's kind of a Halloween-themed story and we're in October so yeah... Plus, at somewhere around US$100 each, they're cheaper than that neon Riddler trophy. So, is anybody considering an incredibly zany impulse purchase?

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