Ghostbusters' light-up firehouse might make you feel good

Dec 14 // Scarecroodle

Conversely, your wallet will feel bad

Diamond Select Toys will be producing a limited edition (1,984 pieces) 7-inch Ghostbusters light-up firehouse mini-statue. Franchise fans will instantly recognize the location as the Ghostbusters' base of operations (and just about the coolest piece of real estate on the block), as it appeared in the first film.

It probably goes without saying, but this is unbelievably cool. The firehouse was among the most iconic elements in the Ghostbusters movies and Diamond Select has crafted a solid rendition of the building. The fact that it also has a light-up feature is just icing on the cake.

Despite its limited status, I imagine that 1,984 copies (a reference to the year Ghostbusters came out) would be enough to ensure anybody who wants to buy one will be able to do so. The superstitious folk at Tomopop will be keenly watching for retailers to open their pre-orders.

[ Art Asylum ]

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