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Get your taste of the Marineford arc with these trading figs!

9:00 AM on 11.09.2010 // Pedro Cortes

As One Piece chugs along, we see more acts of manliness in a half hour than most see during an entire Strong Man tournament, especially with the Marineford arc. Years of training and build up has lead to all of the world's greatest pirates fighting back against the Marines to take back a fellow comrade.

Megahouse has decided to rock our faces off with a trading figure set that immortalizes some of the sweetest moments of the Whitebeard War at Marineford. The figs, which look more like little dioramas, have Ace and Luffy fighting back to back, Luffy clocking his grandfather Garp in the mush, a group of Pacifistas hunting a couple nameless pirates, Marco and Aokiji exchanging blows, Luffy getting lanced in the throat by Smoker and Whitebeard bringing the fury. There's also a seventh figure of the Shichibukai lined up that is made from extra pieces in the boxes of all the other figures. The set will run you ¥3,240 at HLJ, ¥2,880 at AmiAmi or ¥3,060 at Hobby Search. It comes out mid-Feburary 2011.

Anybody interested in these figs? Luffy looks a tad derpy in on of the photos, but that's bound to happen with smaller figs. The Whitebeard and Garp ones look pretty good to me!

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