Get to the chopper with the Predators series 8 pre-orders

Nov 26 // Scarecroodle

Because high tech weapons and futuristic tracking devices always lose out to human ingenuity and primitive know-how

The eighth wave of NECA's Predators line is now available for pre-order. The wave features two versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, and a masked jungle predator as the characters appeared in the original Predator.

For those unfamiliar with Predator, it's the story of an unstoppable killing machine pitted against an alien. A team of commandos on a mission down in Central America run afoul of the eponymous Predator. The Predator quickly picks off the team one by one until only "Dutch" remains, setting the stage for a memorable showdown.

Predator has had a lot of sequels, but most of them have been pretty terrible. The original film was really what made the series iconic and Arnold was certainly a large part of that. So while this wave may include yet another Predator, the real draw this time around is the human. Both versions of Arnold / "Dutch" look spectacular. The "Extraction" version features an incredibly detailed, ruffled shirt. Although the quality is a little weaker on the sleeveless "Jungle Patrol" version (mostly for the kind of shiny arms), I think I greatly prefer that look and will likely buy one (despite having yet to buy any of the Predators) when this wave releases in February.

[ Pre-order "Extraction" | "Jungle Patrol" | all three at Big Bad Toy Store ]


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