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Get the Harvest Moon cow plush without buying the game

7:00 PM on 01.20.2013

Natalie Kipper

Associate Editor/Plush Guru

The 15th Anniversary toy is now available as a standalone

The limited edition Harvest Moon cow plush was originally available exclusively through the Natsume Store, when you pre-ordered a special edition of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for the Nintendo 3DS. The beloved bovine was transformed into a 12 inch long stuffed toy in celebration of the series' 15th anniversary. Needless to say, the plushes were a big hit and the bundle sold out. 

For those who missed out on this adorable piece of gaming memorabilia, you now have a second chance! Mulitverse Studio (maker of the Bobble Budds) is not only remaking the cow plush but will also be churning out other Harvest Moon critters later this year. I know my mind is already doing cartwheels, wondering what other plushes will be released. I am rooting for the chickens and the sheep.

The cow is available for pre-order now and is scheduled to ship in February. She'll cost you US$24.99.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store | SOTA Toys ]

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Natalie Kipper

Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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