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Get the FemShep Bishoujo limited version from BioWare

1:15 PM on 01.03.2013 // Andres Cerrato

Limited to 2,000 pieces

It's been kind of quiet around these parts lately, but here's something to break that up. As you are all aware, Kotobukiya is quite good at making these Bishoujo figures and their upcoming one happens to be Female Shepard from Mass Effect 3. It's held our attention for some time, but now there's some reason to get excited all over again. Available for pre-order on the BioWare Store right now is an exclusive, limited-version of the Bishoujo Female Shepard.

As to what makes this version different, it's all in the hands and hair. The reddish hair has been traded in for jet black, a color which goes a lot more with the dark armor of FemShep. Also included in this limited version is a new pistol, allowing you to switch out the extended hand for the N7 Eagle Pistol. Admittedly, I've never played Mass Effect, but I do like the look of the black hair quite better than the red. 

This is an exclusive release limited to 2,000 pieces and they are only available through the BioWare store. The retail price is the same at $65.00, so not a bad deal at all for this package. In the time that it took me to write this, it seems that stock has been accounted for, but there is still the normal version available and the probable good chance that there will be some order cancellations prior to its March release.

[Update] It's available once again! Make your way if you want to order!

[Pre-Order Kotobukiya Bishoujo Female Shepard Limited | Normal]

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