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Warpo: Krampus Plush

Get into the Christmas season with Warpo's Krampus plush Kickstarter!

10:00 AM on 11.11.2015 // Scarecroodle

He knows you've been naughty

Warpo is bringing the seasons greetings with a Kickstarter for a Krampus plush! It even includes a 80s/90s-themed toy commercial!

The Krampus is a formerly obscure mythological counterpart to Saint Nicholas (ie, Santa Claus) who would flog naughty children with a switch before stuffing them into his sack and dragging them off never to be seen again! (He probably ate them.)

Warpo's Krampus plush is in the same vein as the once-popular My Pet Monster series and other 80s toylines. It's actually an incredibly cute design... albeit on the pricier side since the cheapest Early Bird-level pledge (ie, gets you the plush) will run you US$65.

However, keep in mind that it's an 11-inch tall plush and the US$65 tier also includes 3 "naughty kid" fabric designs. Apparently it's already pretty popular, since the campaign has been running about a day and is already roughly halfway to its US$70,000 goal.

If you're looking for a different kind of holiday cheer, I'd definitely recommend checking out the Kickstarter campaign.

[ Support at Kickstarter ]

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