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Get double the funnels for MG Nu ver Ka on Premium Bandai

6:00 PM on 11.21.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Hey, beats ordering extra runners right?

Way back when Bandai announced the second coming of Gunpla Jesus that is the Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver Ka, they mentioned the ability to have the double fin-funnel version. Only problem with that is that you need 12 funnels to do that and the box only comes with 6. If you wanted the ultimate display of Nu Gundam Ver Ka, the sigh, Bandai Premium Shop has you covered.

You won't be getting anything that isn't already included in the standard kit. This add-on just contains six additional fin funnels, its effect parts, decals, and stand. I toyed with the idea of doing this and now that it's a bit easier, it's unfortunately only on the Bandai Premium Shop. Sadly, this won't be out in time for the MG Nu ver Ka's December release, but you won't have to wait long as it will be released in January. For 2,100 yen, it is a bit expensive, but for the display of 12 fin funnels out to fire, I think it just might be worth it.

Want them that badly? Hit up your favorite proxy then head to the Bandai Premium Shop.

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