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Lego: Muppet Show

German LEGO builder makes Swedish Chef from American Muppet Show

11:00 AM on 01.14.2015 // Soul Tsukino

Muppet Show goes Lego

German LEGO Customizer Andreas Weissenburg has started the new year off right with his custom LEGO created scenes from Jim Henson's Muppet Show from the '70s.

He has skillfully put together the iconic Swedish Chef, complete with a set (Why is that jar peeking out at me?), and a chicken whom I'm sure the Chef will try to make into something delicious. But the chicken will probably just make a break for it. And yes, this set is made of (in Swedish Chef singing voice) LEGO brick brick brick.

Yes, that joke was awful. Especially done in print. Andreas has that reaction covered with his custom set of Statler and Waldorff, complete with balcony to give the Chef a hard time. These haters are gonna hate (and be hilarious doing it), but I think these are really well done sets, with articulated limbs, jaws, and well constructed set pieces.

You can check these and other projects of Andreas here.

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Soul Tsukino, Contributor
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Soul Tsukino lives in the state of Maine. When not enveloping himself in a new fiction story he also comments on happenings in the animation and Otaku fan scene. A creative writer since he was yo... more   |   staff directory

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