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Gentle Giant to take SDCC to Infinity Gauntlet and beyond

7:40 PM on 06.24.2012 // Scarecroodle

Among Gentle Giant's SDCC exclusives this year will be a rather stellar Thanos mini-bust. Thanos is one of Marvel's cosmic villains, one closely associated with the Infinity Gems, and may be remembered for his numerous fighting game appearances (the most notable of which was probably in Marvel vs. Capcom 2) or his role in the short-lived Silver Surfer: The Animated Series (which lasted a whole thirteen episodes).

The Thanos mini-bust seems to have come out pretty well. The body sculpt conveys the raw power associated with this character. However, the head-sculpt is even more impressive and I love the color used for his face. Thanos is depicted as wielding the ever-iconic Infinity Gauntlet (studded with the nearly all-powerful Infinity Gems), again an object closely associated with the character despite (thankfully) rarely having it in his possession. And these gloves are possibly the only area where I might find fault with the mini-bust since it seems like Gentle Giant may have gone overboard with the paint.

The Thanos mini-bust is limited to 500 pieces and will be on sale for US$75.

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