Gary Ham's Monster Toytem releasing in October

Pre-orders available now for 14-inch, seven-part piece

6:00 PM on 09.19.2012

You might remember Gary Ham's Monster Toytem was supposed to debut at SDCC, but was delayed. Well, good news: just in time for Halloween, the Monster Toytem lives! Pre-orders are being taken now for the 14-inch, seven-piece Toytem, featuring some tweaked designs from what we saw last time. Each piece is 2 inches tall and can be mixed and match to create a Toytem look all your own. 

You can pre-order Gary's Monster Toytem now for US$75 (plus shipping) in his shop. Tomopeeps, anyone gonna jump at the chance to get a Toytem of their own?

[Video by Les83Machines]

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Brian Szabelski