Gaming Heads' Portal 2 Turret now available for pre-order


Gaming Heads is launching a new Portal 2 line of statues and they are starting off with the lovable Sentry Turret. The 16 inch tall Turret is available in both standard (US$ 299.99) and limited editions (US$329.99). Both editions feature that cute little light-up eye but the limited edition also includes a sound module. It plays voice samples, makes activation noises, and a bunch of sounds your typical Sentry Turret makes.

The limited edition Turret has an edition size of 350 pieces while the standard's edition size is 750. Sadly, the limited edition one is currently sold out (you can be added to a wait list on its product page). The standard edition is still available, though. Both are scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of this year.

[pre-order at Gaming Heads: Limited Edition | Standard Edition]