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Gaming Heads lines up it's next TF2 statue, The Sniper

10:00 AM on 12.12.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Four versions will be available; Q2 2013 release date announced

So far, I've been impressed, and some might say enamored, with Gaming Heads' Team Fortress 2 statue line. After the Heavy, Medic, and Soldier all got their releases, I was hoping my favorite class — the Pyro — would be next. Alas, that's not the case yet, because the fourth entry in the series is none other than the Sniper.

Coming in both RED and BLU versions, the 14-inch Sniper looks very much like his in-game model, complete with sniper rifle in hand and glasses on his face. The exclusive versions include an alternate part, which in this case is the Razorback shield for the Sniper's back. You can never be too careful about those Spies ...

All four figures will be out in Q2 2013. The regular versions (RED and BLU) are US$219.99 each with 750 numbered pieces being made, while the exclusive versions (RED and BLU) are US$234.99 each with 350 numbered pieces being made. I'm not sure if I'll plunk down for one yet (as the aforementioned Pyro and the Spy are the two I really want), but it looks like a good figure for any Sniper fans out there.

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Brian Szabelski, Editor-in-Chief
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