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Gaming Heads' 1/6 Medic ready for pre-order, Oktoberfest

11:00 AM on 01.31.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Brian gave the heads up that Gaming Heads was preparing their assortment of Medics to see the pre-order stage. As it has now become the magic hour of 8 a.m. PST, the Medic is fully revealed and available to order. Fans of Team Fortress 2 will be glad to know that he will come in 4 flavors, Red and Blue with both having an exclusive variant.

The normal versions will feature the Medi Gun as their weapon of choice and come out during the fall for $219.99. The exclusive variants will instead come packed with the Kritzkreig and retail for $234.99. What makes the Kritzkreig worth $20 more, it just has an LED to lighten up your evenings with is all.

Even though the variants are limited at 350, the normal versions aren't that much less scarce with only a run of 750 being made. I would expect this to have a higher run, but given the price, the numbers are about right. As I stated, you can go ahead and pre-order right this second. In case you missed Heavy and Soldier, they're also both available on the Gaming Heads shop.

[Pre-Order Red Medic | Red Medic Exclusive | Blue Medic | Blue Medic Exclusive]

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